Soft Tissue Surgery for Pets

Soft Tissue Surgery for Pets

Enhance Your Pet’s Health with Soft Tissue Surgery at Salt River Veterinary Clinic

At our veterinary hospital, we understand that your pet is a beloved member of your family. Their health and well-being are our top priorities, which is why we offer soft tissue surgery for pets to address a wide range of medical conditions. Our experienced veterinarian and compassionate, caring staff ensure that your pet receives the best treatment possible.

Why Choose Salt River Veterinary Clinic?

1. Experienced Veterinary Surgeon

Our team comprises an experienced and highly trained veterinary surgeon with an interest in soft tissue surgery for pets. We stay updated with the latest advancements in veterinary medicine to provide the most effective treatments.

2. Advanced Surgical Technology

We utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure precision and safety during our surgeries. Our facilities are equipped with modern diagnostic tools to minimize pain and speed up recovery.

3. Comprehensive Pre- and Post-Operative Care

From initial consultations and diagnostics to post-operative care and rehabilitation, we provide comprehensive support throughout your pet’s surgical journey. Our approach includes:

  • Thorough Examinations: Detailed health assessments to determine the best surgical plan.
  • Pain Management: Customized pain relief strategies to keep your pet comfortable.
  • Recovery Monitoring: Close monitoring to ensure a smooth recovery and complimentary follow-up visits for continuity of care.

4. Compassionate and Personalized Care for Soft Tissue Surgery for Pets

We understand that surgery can be a stressful experience for both pets and their owners. Our compassionate team is dedicated to providing a comforting and reassuring environment. We take the time to explain procedures, answer your questions, and tailor our care to meet your pet’s specific needs.

Common Soft Tissue Surgery for Pets We Perform

  • Mass Removals: Safely remove benign and malignant tumors and growths from the skin and internal organs.
  • Foreign Body Removal: Extract objects that pets may have ingested, preventing serious health risks.
  • Cystotomy: Remove bladder stones to alleviate discomfort and prevent urinary blockages.
  • Urogenital: Urethrostomy, Urethrotomy, Cryptorchid Neuter
  • Hernia Repair: Correct umbilical and inguinal hernias to restore normal function and prevent complications.
  • Reproductive: Spay, Neuter, C-Section, Pyometra
  • Abdominal Organs: Mass removal, Biopsy, Splenectomy, Intestinal resection and anastomosis.
  • Ears: Treatment of Aural Hematomas which are caused from excessive shaking of the head primarily due to infections caused by severe allergies.

Success Stories from Our Happy Clients

We take pride in the positive outcomes of our soft tissue surgeries for pets and the improved quality of life for our patients. Here are a few success stories from pet owners who trusted us with their beloved companions:

  • Dexter the White Poodle: After undergoing cystotomy and urethrotomy surgeries, Dexter has made a full recovery and back to his playful self.
  • Lucifer the Maine Coon Cat: Lucifer had a successful intestinal anastomosis, and his owners are thankful to have him back living his happy cat life.
  • Cody AKA “Button Boy”: Cody, the Yorkie puppy, had two successful foreign body removal surgeries after swallowing buttons twice, and he is now back to his energetic self.
  • Dahlia the Pitbull Mix: After undergoing a splenectomy surgery, Dahlia has made a great recovery, and her owner is very thankful for the care and treatment she received.

Schedule a Consultation Today

If your pet requires soft tissue surgery or you have concerns about their health, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is here to provide the expert care and support your pet deserves. Schedule a consultation today for soft tissue surgery for pets and take the first step towards enhancing your pet’s health and happiness.

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