Cat Spay and Neuter Packages

Cat Spay and Neuter Packages
$88 on the 28th’s! Cat Spay and Neuter Packages!
Join us for our next Gift of Health Day, Friday, June 28th. Includes surgery, pain management, full examination, rabies vaccination and FVRCP booster.
There are many benefits of spaying and neutering your cat. Here is a list of reasons to spay and neuter your cat.
  • Increase life expectancy
  • Less transmission of viral disease
  • Less unwanted pregnancies
  • Helps reduce territorial behavior
  • In females, prevents uterine infections and breast tumors
  • In males, prevents testicular tumors and prostate problems
Call for more information or to schedule an appointment for our Gift of Health Day for our Cat Spay and Neuter Packages. Be sure to mention “Gift of Health” 502-477-2966
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